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How to Get Started with Buying Plastic Food Storage Box

To earn a kitchen truly efficient, you have to first consider where each product is used and then put it in a handy location which makes sense and is not hard to reach. Foods held at temperatures above 40 F for over 2 hours shouldn’t be consumed. There are a few foods, however, that should […]

TPE Injection Molding

TPE Injection Molding – Thermoplastic Elastomers Flexible thermoplastic elastomers are molded with plastic injection molding with Rebling for a wide range of applications. The ability of these thermoplastic materials to be processed by conventional plastic injection molding machines and their inherently short cycle times compared to the cure time of thermosetting rubbers has provided engineers […]

Hydraulic Safety Training Canada

Hydraulics 101 Hydraulics is simply the use of liquid under pressure to cause movement. While it may sound simple, exposure to hydraulics creates the hazards of hydraulics. It takes proactive safety awareness combined with in depth hydraulic training to reduce the incidence of hydraulic deaths and injuries that occur every year. Safety is the key to successful […]

Injection Molding Technology

Recent developments in domestic Injection Mold Design in the following aspects should focus: (1) improve the metallurgical quality, increase variety specification, bad material products change, change Adopt the advanced equipment and technology, using advanced metallurgy method and process, such as refining outside the furnace slag, electricity, the vacuum remelting process, multiplex forged, precise forging, fine rolling, the production […]