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Wet Surface Grinding Tip

If you have ever ground hardened tool steel on an automatic surface grinder that uses flood coolant, you probably have noticed that the coolant cools the workpiece to a much lower temperature than the ambient air temperature in the room. This means the workpiece has contracted in size, while your height gage or gage blocks […]

Electrical Connectors

Thermosetting electrical connectors, oilfield electrical connectors, automotive electrical parts, these are just a few of the applications for thermosetting plastics. In the past, thermosetting plastics were compression molded, which resulted in less accurate finished parts. Compression molding also is more labor intensive. Injection molding of thermosetting plastics has opened many new applications and enabled designers to develop […]

Contact Management

As a business owner, you know first hand just how important a good contact management software and system is for your day to day operations. Time is money. You don’t need a system that is awkward and time-consuming to use. Ideally, you should be up and running within a very short time. A big plus is customer […]

Venture Capital

Venture capital for a new idea or invention Venture capital is an essential building block for business. In today’s high-tech environment, investors play an increasingly important role in the start up and expansion of business. Inventors, entrepreneurs and small business owners can find information and resources to help in the search for financing. There is […]

Wire Edm

Wire EDM has forever changed the way injection molds are made Wire EDM has become such an integral part of plastic moldmaking that it is hard to imagine how things were done before. When it was first introduced in the 1980’s as a useful machine tool, the common use was in die-making. Over time though, […]

Mold Mamufacturer China

Since China joined the world market in 1999 it has become a major supplier of high-quality plastic molds. The industry is centered in two main areas: GuangDong Province, which is about 20 km From KongKong, and Zhejiang Province, which is Closeto ShanHai. There are lots of mold manufacturer china companies makes for an interesting cooperation […]