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Mold Design

A proper mold design increases your chances of success in every way. Injection molding is difficult at best, a good 3D design will give you the edge. Your moldmaker will be confident that the components will all fit, the dimensions all work together, and the mold will ultimately function as it should. The molder will […]

Electrical Discharge Machining

The health and welfare of toolmakers that use graphite to make electrodes for use in the electrical discharge machining department should be a high priority for management. In addition to the health issues for the workers, the very expensive machinery, such as the EDM machines and milling machines, must be protected from the damaging effects of graphite […]

Edm Machining

In EDM machining, the choice of electrode material can make a huge difference in the outcome of the job. Finding the right material can be a costly process of trial and error, or you can do a little research to save time and money. Fortunately, there are basically only two main choices for most moldmaking applications. […]


The use of edm copper in moldmaking is as old as EDM itself. Copper is much more common than graphite as an electrode material in Europe and Asia, though this is changing. Copper has many advantages, as well as many disadvantages, when compared to graphite as a material for edm electrodes. A visit to nearly any EDM […]


The world of EDM can be rather confusing; here is your source for everything in sinker EDM Sinker EDM is such an essential part of building a plastic injection mold, that many of today’s products simply could not be produced without it. Besides plastic injection molds, EDM is used for the precision machining of medical parts, […]

China Mold Manufacturer

A China mold manufacturer that produces high-quality plastic injection molds, as well as the plastic molded parts can help your company grow. Finding a reliable source can be a daunting task, and nobody can afford costly mistakes. The companies listed here are known for their integrity, timeliness, fair pricing, and high quality. There are always […]

Injection Mould

Like any profession, terminology for the injection mould, or injection mold (US) industries is unique. Interestingly, the terms don’t vary much from region to region. This “glossary” should give you a reference for finding out what some of these things mean. When you’re in a meeting you can’t very well be asking what appears to […]

Injection Mold China

There are many reasons why using an Injection mold china manufacturer, they can help you grow your business. Long tradition of producing high-end products for electronics manufacturers, aero-space companies, automotive suppliers, etc. Decades of industrial growth and stability. Government policies that have enabled the plastics industry to develop in a free-market manner. Plastics injection molds, […]

Plastic Mold Suppliers

These Plastic Injection molding industry suppliers are the best source for you This group of mold industry suppliers is specifically made for plastic mold/molding manufacturers. There is just so much information out there, who has time to go through even half of it? They are divided into two groups, but often the content overlaps. After […]