Carbide Inserts: What Is Carbide

As the demand for better cutting tools increases, cutting tool suppliers also continuously develop products that can pass manufacturers’ demands.

Through the years, a lot of materials for the manufacture of cutting tools have been experimented upon; some have passed the standards while others were simply dropped.

Today, there are only two types of cutting tools heavily favored in the machining industry: high-speed steel (HSS) cutting tools and carbide cutting tools; and it seems that carbide, especially carbide inserts have slightly overtaken the other in popularity.

You can find out just how carbide is made and why it is so popular on our website:

Five Axis Machining And Workholding

Five-axis machining is here to stay and most modern injection mold making shops use it on a daily basis. Finding the right work holding device is critical to success in 5 axis machining.

Five axis machining offers many benefits for injection mold making and is rapidly becoming the norm in CNC milling. One of the problems associated with 5 axis milling is workholding. How do you hold your workpiece to effectively machine 5 sides of the workpiece?

Two of the more common approaches to 5 sided machining are mechanical clamping systems and work holding magnets. It does not make economic sense to invest in a high end 5 axis milling machine and skimp on the work holding. The maximum benefits can realistically only be realized with proper tooling.

Read the entire article about five-axis machining and work holding and learn how to be more competitive!
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Grinding Wheel Dressers And Precision Surface Grinding

Despite the fact that a great deal of precision surface grinding has been replaced by Wire EDM, there is still a demand for the skillful use of grinding wheel dressers. This is one of those toolmaking skills that requires considerable time and patience to master.

The skill to accurately dress angles and radii on surface grinding wheels is half art and half science, well maybe mostly science. However, it does take considerable experience to become accomplished and accurate.

Find out which wheel dressers are the best and why on our site: Global Plastic Injection Molding

Grinding Copper Electrodes

By far the majority of copper electrodes are manufactured on CNC machines these days (thankfully!), but the need for grinding copper electrodes still comes up frequently.

The main difficulty with grinding copper electrodes is the loading of the wheel and the burrs thrown up. There are several simple solutions to this problem.

With the proper technique you can even use fine wheels, such as a 120 grit aluminum oxide wheel to grind the copper electrodes. Find out just what the secret is by visiting our website:
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Tips For Plastic Injection Mold Making-Good Mold Design

Do not skimp on the design

Some shops do not have an in-house designer and must outsource their design work. This is fine and works quite well- unless the boss decides to save money by cutting costs on the design. This is just asking for trouble.

Even with high-quality mold design, building an injection mould is fraught with potential problems. When the design is faulty or missing details it can eat up the profit margins very quickly. For example a simple feature like radii that interfere in a shut-off area can be very time consuming to troubleshoot and handwork at the end of the job.

The fit of precision holes to their components is another rather common omission in mold designs as well. Often this does not show up until assembly, at which time the mold maker must make new components or modify existing ones.

Another overlooked area is the draft angles of molding surfaces. The mold maker might not question the design when no draft is specified, and as a result, the part will not eject in molding. Draft angles are obviously much easier to the machine before the mold is finished!

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Top Tips For Injection Mold Making-Be On The Same Page

Make sure the project manager, mold designer, and mold maker are all on the same page.
It helps immensely to take some time at the outset of a job to have a meeting where the big picture is discussed. It is always much easier to work on the various aspects of the job when you have a clear idea of what is required.
Many hours are wasted when several people figure out the same problem independently. Mistakes can be minimized by going over the procedure together, plus everyone knows who is responsible for what.

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Use A 3D Model To Get The Picture

As a mold maker, I’ve never understood why some bosses are so reluctant to allow the mold maker five minutes to familiarize himself with the molded part he is about to build a mold for. This would save a lot of visualizing and guessing. It is always much easier to begin with the end in mind.

This seems so obvious, but it is rare that the moldmaker actually gets to see what it is he is making! It is almost as if somebody thinks it is cheating or something! Why not go ahead and give the poor guy an advantage? It only means higher productivity!

You can get the full story on the Ten Top Tips For Injection Mold Making from our website, check it out!

Tips For Plastic Injection Mold Making-Concentrate On Your Best

Every shop has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Do what you do best and leave the rest is usually good advice. You may really want to learn something like horizontal milling, but does it make sense to sacrifice your limited time and energy?
It is surprising how much time you can waste pursuing pet projects that suck up your time and energy. I know a guy who was bent on having his EDM dept. set up to use pallets. He wasted thousands of dollars and a lot of time until he came to the realization that it is a great idea but just would never work in his case.
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Online OSHA Safety Training

With travel costs going through the roof and the economy slumping, our business travel had been reduced to revenue generating or essential travel only. Sometimes the powers that be fail to realize the critical needs of the company.  Especially when requirements such as OSHA Safety Training and hazmat training is needed for over half of our employees. Sending the guys away to get trained was no longer an option so I need to find an alternative.  While searching Google for OSHA certified training companies close to our location I came across a company that offers Online OSHA Safety Training.  I didn’t even realize you could get OSHA 10 hour and OSHA 30 hour training online.  That was exactly what I was looking for.

The process for signing everyone up for class was fast and painless.  I was even able to get a bulk discount because of the number of employees that we needed trained.  One of the guys that took the online safety course mentioned how he really liked the fact that the course was self-paced and that he didn’t have to complete it all at once.  In fact most of the guys took two or three days to complete their courses and had no problems.  Everyone passed which was good news for me.  They were also able to print their certificates right then and there once they passed the training and completedd the online exam.

I would recommend online training to anyone that needs OSHA safety training.  The process is so easy and you don’t have the hassle of travel expenses, car rentals, hotel and airfare and everything else that seems to create problems when someone has to travel.

My experience was superb and I will be signing our Hazmat guys of for the Online Hazmat Training courses as well.  If you are responsible for finding OSHA training for your employees I highly recommend getting them online courses.  Some of the courses we signed up for were only $20. I thought that was an awesome deal. The site that I found most useful was it was pretty easy to find the classes I wanted because they seemed to have a pretty broad selection and the actual sign up took less than 5 minutes.  It was the best site I found of Online Osha Safety Training.  I hope you all have as good of an experience as I did.

Plastic Mold Company

SICNERE TECH is a plastic mold company in China, established in 2005, which is mainly focusing on plastic injection mold making and injection molded products making service. Also, we can provide design, rapid prototyping, assembly and other related service. We have more than ten years of experience in injection mold making and injection molding, and our plastic injection molded products are widely used in auto accessories, electronics, household appliances, medical devices, game players, and computer displays fields. As with high quality and low price, our injection molds and injection molded plastic products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Russia. And, with these best services, our company has gained a high evaluation. Welcome all old and new clients to our company for inspecting.

Plastic Mold Company

Quality Contral

SICNERE TECH as a golden plastic mold company for injection molds and injection molding in China, is attaching great importance to product quality control. No matter the choosing of material or the transportation of the products, we are always acting according to the ISO 9001:9002. So we have gained the ISO 9001:9002 certificate since 2004. This certificate covers: plastic products design, injection mold design, plastic products prototyping, injection molding and injection molded parts assembly. And as we have a system of quality control, we can easily pass the annual inspection for the ISO certificate and this also make me produce the high quality of the products.


SICNERE TECH is located in Dongguan, Gongdong province, China. There is convenient for transportation as it is close to Shenzhen Airport and sea Port. The factory covers an area of 6000 square meters as equipped with two separated injection molds making workshop and one big injection molding workshop, as well as an assembly workshop and a storage. There are more than 70 workers who mainly have more than 4 years of professional experience in their respective areas of work.

We have equipped with about 25 sets of plastic injection molds making machines, that is why we have two separated injection mold making workshop. Half of these injection molds making machines are imported from Korea and others are bought from Taiwan. We also have more than 40 sets of injection molding machines which are mainly bought from Taiwan. The tonnage is from 50T to 1600T. That is to say, we can produce various sizes of injection molded plastic products.

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