Small Business Medical Insurance Options

People that work for small businesses or non-profits are regularly offered various medical insurance choices by the business owner. The insurance covers practically almost everything, from trips to the doctor to prescriptions to emergency room trips, etc.

To assist owners of small business make a decision as to what kind of small business health plan fits best with the company budget and the needs of their employees, the below offers information relating to the various types of plans available.

Indemnity plans – These main health plans generally include a deductible. The insurance company will begin to pay the cost of coverage after the deductible has been met. After the covered expenses go past the amount of the deductible, medical bills are generally paid as a portion of the billed amount, generally around 80%. These plans generally offer the most versatility when it comes to selecting where to go for medical care.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization plans – These main self employed health insurance plans typically allows the covered person to decide on a PCP (Primary Care Physician) from a directory of network authorized providers. A primary care physician is in charge of handling the health care of the covered person. If the covered person is in need of special care from any out-of-network provider, they need to obtain a referral directly from their primary care physician.

The insured individual needs to receive treatment from a doctor in the network in order to get paid by the HMO.

What is Centerless Grinding

In this article, you will learn exactly what centerless grinding is. Further, you will also learn what parts make up a centerless grinder. You will also learn exactly how these parts do their job in a centerless grinder. In particular, you will learn how these parts work in conjunction to prevent the piece being worked on from moving out of the cutting area on a centerless grinder.

If you do any type of metalworking, chances are you’ve probably heard of a centerless grinder. Conceptually and fundamentally, centerless grinders are probably the most misunderstood topic in metalworking. A centerless grinder does the same sort of material removal that a regular grinder does except for one huge difference, there is no spindle used in the process of centerless grinding. By using a centerless grinder, you can greatly increase your output. Centerless grinding will allow you to manufacture a lot of pieces in a short period of time.

Most people just can’t wrap their head around the concept of centerless grinding. It almost seems impossible for a centerless grinder to work the way that it does. At first blush, it’s completely understandable why centerless grinding is so confusing. One would believe that because there is no spindle holding the piece in place, the piece would just go where it pleases outside of the grinding zone. Despite the lack of a spindle, a centerless grinder will usually not allow the piece to get out of the grinding area. If you’re familiar with grinders, you already know that the material is held in place by a spindle or chucked and rotated against another grinding wheel which is rotating at a higher velocity. The other grinding wheel is usually powered by an external motor which is housed in the grinder’s workhead.

How does the centerless grinder work? The pieces worked on by using a centerless grinder will not require you to have holes in the middle, any type of driver, or a worked fixture. The piece you are working with is stabilized and held by a workblade. The work blades are placed in the middle of two other parts.  The workblade is in the middle of a grinding wheel which turns at an extremely fast rate, and what is usually referred to as a regulating wheel. The regulating wheel turns at a slower rate than the grinding wheel turns at. The regulating wheel also turns within a more confined diameter than the grinding wheel does.

Hopefully, the concept of centerless grinding has been made a little more concrete. Centerless grinding is a very efficient way to get large amounts of pieces done in a short amount of time. If you want to do grinding effectively and efficiently without having to rely on a center spindle, then you should definitely look into a centerless grinder.

Six Sigma Online Training Guidance

Because six sigma online training is so important, a very substantial industry has grown up to support it, and this can easily lead to a state of confusion. There are so many choices, and so many programs that are all the best one! The result can be that you just don’t know what to do or how to decide.

By using the principles explained here, you should be able to navigate your way through and come to a little more clarity of purpose. After all, you are spending a lot of time, money and effort, so take the time to do it right.

Make sure you know what you want

You will most certainly waste precious time without a road map, and you will find yourself going in circles. It is extremely important to proceed with clarity, because your company requires special attention and a unique approach.

Not all courses are created equal, obviously, and one size does not fit all. You must find the one that is in harmony with your abilities, finances and overall objectives.

Six sigma training is not short term

This is not a program that gives quick results, it is an ongoing process with no end. Remember, your company culture is the product of many years development, and it will take some intense work and time to change it for the better.

A piecemeal, short-sighted approach is destined to disappoint. Continuous improvement will result in a long term, positive change, but it takes time.

Some of the features to look for in a quality program are ongoing personal support, flexibility to meet the needs of people on different levels, and a comprehensive approach. Make sure that it also leads to certification for Green Belt and Black Belt, and that it uses industry wide standards, such as Minitab and SigmaXL.

Do not leave people in the dark

The entire company will be dramatically affected by six sigma online training. Be sure to have an open line of communication for the entire team, this is vital. Some companies have a great connection with the workers, while others have an adversarial relationship. This must be taken into consideration.

The atmosphere becomes full of mistrust when management is heavy handed and dictatorial. This atmosphere of us versus them is detrimental to the welfare of the entire operation.


Like everything else in life, it is always better to know where you are going and how you are getting there! It is smart to be very specific and detailed when searching for the six sigma online training program that meets your needs.

A major component of continuous improvement is letting workers take personal responsibility and initiative, that is what it’s all about!

An Amazing 5S Journey

At my workplace we have been undergoing a total 5S program. At first it was just a token effort in one area, but even that had a good effect.

Now, we are totally engaged in the process, and it is very beneficial. I think the main impetus was to win a very coveted new customer. It is expected that we are up-to-date and striving to become world-class. So we have gone bonkers with the 5S implementation.

It is actually a good time to do this, with a slow economy. It makes everyone get on-board more readily because there are really no other employment options anyway. Also, since we see the top management involved, it means more.

Tip For Better Plastic Injection Molding

A small, but very effective tip for easier plastic injection molding set up is to standardize the clamping slots on the top and bottom plates of all mold bases. This little trick might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many custom molders have every size imaginable in their mold base inventory.

With this method you need only one size clamp, which can be custom made or likely purchased. The set up techs won’t need to be fumbling about for the right size clamp, there will be no shims under clamps and you can be sure the molds are held in place securely.

This is also a good idea from the standpoint of training. There is enough to learn without adding another item to the list of how to set up a plastic injection mold. Once this is in place, it will quickly become a SOP, standard operating procedure.

All your future designs must have this incorporated, which, for some reason, is not as easy as it might seem. You likely will still have the occasional mold that comes in the wrong size, but in time they will all be standardized.

Learn more about plastic injection molding and injection mold making.

Precision Surface Grinding With A Ded-Tru Machine

Over the years I have used a variety of machines to make round cores and core pins, but the Ded-Tru is probably the best inexpensive toolroom precision grinder.  I am sure there are high-end CNC grinders available that can do the job faster and maybe better, but, for the money, the Ded-Tru is a great machine.

Not that I like running it, in fact, I really don’t!  However, you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done, right? The reason I don’t really like using it is because you have to just stand there and do the same procedure over and over again, without ever varying the method.

On the other hand, this grinder can do some very impressive work. It also requires a high degree of skill and patience in order to be used efficiently. Not just anybody can walk up to it and figure out the proper set-up procedures; as well as the endless subtleties of form grinding and concentricity.

Plastic Injection Molding Bosses

Have you ever had an awesome boss while working in anything related to plastic injection molding? Since I have been in this business, which goes back to 1978, I have had quite a few good and some less than good bosses.

One excellent boss I had in a plastic injection molding company was from Switzerland and his name was Karl. Every day he was immaculately dressed and on top of everything that went on in every aspect of the company. It took me a long time to get hired and I knew I was in for a real experience, but I wanted to learn my trade from the best.

The very first day I was standing with the foreman looking over some prints. There was no heat on because it was early spring, so the shop was pretty cool. I had my cold hands in my shop coat pockets when Karl spied me. He marched right over, yanked my hands out from my pockets, and proceeded to slap them, telling me to “never put your hands in your pockets!”

I should have known better, having lived in Northern Europe for a few years, but, hey, it was cold! In the end, we became good friends and I did learn a great deal of craftsmanship from this old schoolmaster.

One of the nicest I had was an elderly man who had the unfortunate bad habit of smoking and drinking coffe all the time. This was back before the days of no smoking in the shop, so his fingers were actually yellow from the smoke. What made him nice was that he was so patient with us apprentices, but what made him almost intolerable was his breath!

He used to come up to each of us every morning to greet us and give us an assignment or check on our work. That is when his kindness became his curse. Because he was only inches away from our face we just had to eventually breathe in his absolutely horrible stench of a breath! More than one guy actually gagged and nearly vomited!

Another boss I had was a Russian who grew up in the German part of Brazil.  He could speak so many languages and seemed to know a million people. He was great because he took the time to explain things without making any of us beginners feel like idiots.

What about you, do you have any stories of a good or bad boss in your plastic injection molding or mold making career?

If you are looking for a plastic injection molding company to help your business you could try to check and get more reference.

Strange Injection Molding And Moldmaker Stories

During my years as a plastic injection mold maker, I have encountered some very strange individuals. Now, they might say the same about me, but these guys were truly over the top.

My favorite case is a man named Mike. I was working in Seattle, and the mold making shop was typical of those in the area because it had so many people from all over the world. In fact, I think we had at least 10 nationalities represented there. Mold makers from Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil and various other countries.

Mike, however, was born and raised in the Denver area. He was a Viet-Nam vet and was clearly affected by the horrors of war. He used to randomly laugh like Satan, quite loudly so that anyone in the building could hear. Then he would begin talking about burning gooks and laugh again.

I tried to befriend him, thinking I might be able to help him in some way. I even had him come to church with me once. Unfortunately, he scared the little children and the parents asked my why I brought him there. They were right, I should have just met with him one-on-one, if at all.

The last day I saw him at work, before he took off to rescue his daughter, was when I gave him a ride one Saturday morning to go to work. When we arrived at his apartment, we found him sitting in an overstuffed chair, surrounded by 24 oz. bottles of malt liquor and breathing in huge quantities of marijuana smoke that filled the room.

Somehow he managed to get to work with us, the next day he was gone.

Two months later he returned from rescuing his daughter in Denver. Seems she had some rough times and so did Mike. He came into the shop with no shirt on, broken glasses, and a gun in his pants waist!

He was ranting how he was the best mold maker in the shop and demanded his job back. I don’t know how the very civilized Swiss owner managed it, but Mike disappeared, never to return. Thankfully!

Tell us your story, just leave a comment.

Electrical Connectors

Thermosetting electrical connectors, oilfield electrical connectors, automotive electrical parts, these are just a few of the applications for thermosetting plastics.

In the past, thermosetting plastics were compression molded, which resulted in less accurate finished parts. Compression molding also is more labor intensive.

Injection molding of thermosetting plastics has opened many new applications and enabled designers to develop highly complex product designs. This is readily apparent in the photo above.

A high level of experience is required to effectively use this process. Though the injection molding process is similar to thermoplastics, it is, on the other hand quite different.

Higher melt temperatures, higher molding pressures, more abrasive molding operations, and higher mold temperatures are just a few of the unique aspects.

What are some advantages?

  • Excellent dimensional stability. This is due to the chemical change that occurs during molding. When heated, the part maintains it’s size and shape.
  • Great electrical insulators. Excellent dielectics.
  • Good structural strength. This can be enhanced by using fiber fillers.
  • Chemically resistant. Common chemicals have little effect, but some reducing agents and strong oxidizers can attack it.
  • Excellent for Insert molding. Once the insert is molded in place, it is nearly impossible to extract it.
  • Fire retardant. Very difficult to burn most thermosetting plastics.
  • Extrememly rigid. This is due to the cross-linking chemical change that takes place in molding.
  • Excellent for sound absorption. Might even drown out your teenagers hip-hop music!

Some disadvantages

Probably the biggest drawback is that these plastics are not recyclable. The runners and scrap cannot be reground and used again.

Another disadvantage is that not so many shops are skilled at molding these plastics. Neither are they equipped with the special presses or auxiliary equipment. There are many difficult obstacles to overcome and experience is the only good teacher.

Further reading

A good resource to learn more is at the website of Algix, a major compound resin supplier.

The leading company in China for molding thermosetting electrical connectors, and much more is Sincere Tech Plastic Molding Company. They have over 20 years experience and serve companies in the US, Japan, China, Europe, and Taiwan.

Contact Management

As a business owner, you know first hand just how important a good contact management software and system is for your day to day operations.

Time is money. You don’t need a system that is awkward and time-consuming to use. Ideally, you should be up and running within a very short time.

A big plus is customer support. Online help, a knowledge base of frequently asked questions, email support, and telephone support are all very valuable when you need help.

Features to look for in contact management software

Your contact management software should have the following features.

  • Easy to useIf it is cumbersome and complicated, people will avoid using it, or only use limited features.
  • Fully integratedYou must be able to save time by minimizing data entry. For example: if you enter a name as a contact, you should be able to easily enter that same information in a “To-do” list, address book, send an email, write a letter, set up an appointment and so on.
  • Able to networkIf you have employees, they should all be able to network and have access to the same information. This is a very powerful tool that saves time and confusion. No more fly-away notes!
  • InexpensiveWhat good is a system if it is so expensive that you cannot afford it? Most small business’ are on a tight budget and cannot afford costly errors in software. 

    In my own personal business I use ACT! contact management software by Sage. I love it! It has enabled me, a chronically disorganized and over-committed businessman, to be efficient and organized.In the past, I had tried several other programs, but nothing even compares with ACT!. It is easy to use and my employees intuitively understand how it functions.If you have a customer base and want to keep track of appointments, schedule meetings, keep track of expenses, keep notes on clients, write emails, reports, letters or just about anything else, I would highly recommend it.Click here to Purchase ACT! contact management software today!What are some alternatives?There are other software systems on the market, some better than others. Generally, from my experience, you get what you pay for. If your needs are very basic and you only have a few clients and contacts, you don’t need a highly developed system. A simple notebook might meet your needs.There are a few home-made systems that are surprisingly effective, at least until you get too much information. Index cards, notebooks, 3-ring binders, agendas and so on are all quite useful, though obviously limited.For a business, it pays huge dividends to be efficient and organized. You will be surprised at how easily you can manage your contacts.