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How to Buy Hair Straightener Iron

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Having a hair straightener iron from Olayer China hair straightener company means bye-bye to same styles everyday and hello to sleek, shiny hair for all occasions. But which is the right one? You might have noticed that hair straightener irons come in all shapes and sizes and that can make deciding quite difficult. If you’ve already owned or used a hair straightener iron before, you should know which model suits your hair type, but if you’re completely new to this then it’s time to understand what exactly to look for in a hair straightener iron and how to choose one that will effectively straighten your locks.

Different hair straightener irons come with different features and some are designed for specific purposes. There are hair straightener irons that can be used on damp hair, eliminating the need for blow dry and lessening heat damage. Others have at least 20 heat settings and can be used for really coarse or thick hair. Make sure to look into things like safety features such as automatic shutoff and cool touch edges for optimal usage. Swivel cords on hair straightener irons are especially useful, because they allow you to spin your iron in a 360 degree circle without tangling up and slowing you down. You also have to think about heat plate size, which includes various widths to suit diverse hair lengths, like ¼ inch for short hair or 2 inches for longer hair. Knowing your hair type will guarantee best results with a certain hair straightener iron model.

A lot of things can influence the price of your dream hair straightener iron: brand, style and retailer. Plus, you have your budget to consult with before setting your eyes on any models. SO what you should do is look for the features that are most important for you and of course, the plate size according to your hair type. Remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality! There are plenty mid-ranged priced hair straightener irons that can do the same job as the professional brands.
So, make a list of what you most want in your hair straightener iron, take a look at your hair type to pick out a suitable size heat plate and voila! Time to get straightening!