Recent developments in domestic Injection Mold Design in the following aspects should focus:

(1) improve the metallurgical quality, increase variety specification, bad material products change, change

Adopt the advanced equipment and technology, using advanced metallurgy method and process, such as refining outside the furnace slag, electricity, the vacuum remelting process, multiplex forged, precise forging, fine rolling, the production high quality steel; dramatically Increase production high uniformity and higher to sex module, flat, industry, plank, etc. Through the machining, quenching and tempering treatment methods of providing products and the quality of Injection Mold Design products themselves. Our country the rich alloy resources and labor resources into steel product superiority, improve the international market competitiveness, expand exports, this is our country steel development of strategic objectives.

(2) development, popularize and apply new mold steels

Domestic new 2D Mold Design to develop a new variety, but 
the space is very big still, steel and some new steel grade. these steel performance needs to be improved. Such as aluminum alloy casting increasingly large developed aluminum alloy die-casting, steel is still a large task. And as in recent years, the development of construction developed low price and soon wear high, have enough of ceramics, tenacity refractory steel mold is also an urgent problem to be solved.
In view of new Custom Mold Design can be greatly improved service life and can solve the mould Design, manufacture, use, the repair of production and technical problems, can gain the great benefit, and shall generalizing applied new steel Mold, is expected to new YingYongLiang nano number increases year by year. Also should attach importance to the old steel grade. these steel use, through the rational choice materials, using new craft, enhances strong points and avoid weaknesses, exert its greater utility.

(3) establish a mold material timber expert system

As products breed diversification, mold conditions complicate, reasonable selection material more important and urgent. The existing research accumulated lots of data, and on this basis added sound calibrated performance data, summarizes the domestic and foreign technology in mould material, with the latest achievements and experience more widespread popularization application of the modern computer technology, to establish a team with guidance of strong, advanced, reliable, practical tool selection timber expert system is imperative.

(4) establishing the plastic mold steels series

The plastics industry develops very quickly, Plastic products widely used in agriculture, machinery, chemical, construction, toy, daily necessities, automobile, lamps and lanterns, household appliances, demand is big, high-quality requirements, correspondingly, the Plastic Mold steel demand has increased rapidly in quantity, the use of performance, technology of steel performance also raised taller requirement. But now Plastic Mold material chaos, not to have zhang abide, optional the gender is big, the impact of the die longevity, also influence plastic products quality and market competitiveness, need through manufacture, introduction, supplement and perfect the suitable for China, establishing nichel plastic mold steels series, make plastic mold steels smelting, quality control, supply, materials, processing and use level a new stage order.

(5) strengthen the surface treatment technology application

Surface treatment was able to keep the original compositions and mold the core based on the performance, gift mould surface special can (mainly wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.), greatly improved the die longevity, broaden the scope of steel application of low price, also can replace the high price tool steel, therefore has the broad application prospect by all over the world, attention. Our country should strengthen basic theory and application of the surface treatment, USES the advanced equipment and technology to many kinds, high-quality surface treatment is widely used in the mould.