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Since China joined the world market in 1999 it has become a major supplier of high-quality plastic molds. The industry is centered in two main areas: GuangDong Province, which is about 20 km From KongKong, and Zhejiang Province, which is Closeto ShanHai.

There are lots of mold manufacturer china companies makes for an interesting cooperation between many companies. The ability to use specialized shops for various aspects of building plastic molds enables suppliers to attain quick deliveries while maintaining high quality.

Chinese moldmakers supply quality injection molds to companies all over the world. Molders find that communication and reliability set China apart from suppliers elsewhere.

China has a long tradition of craftsmanship

With the backdrop of the age-old skills of glass blowing and figurine making, China has embraced new technology to advance into the forefront of the global economy.

It quickly becomes evident for visitors that Chinese moldmakers have invested heavily in high-tech equipment. CNC EDM, WEDM, CMM’s for inspection of components and parts, robotics, lights out operations, SLA/SLS prototyping of samples, etc.

There are engineering companies that specialize in the project management of injection moldmaking and plastics molding. Because of the rather unique working relationship the various suppliers enjoy, this management has become refined to be very effective.

Service and Delivery

The mere fact that hundreds of global companies continue to buy plastic molds from China demonstrates the high level of service and delivery. On-time delivery of a trouble-free mold is crucial to make a profit. Buying a cheap mold that requires many hours of frustrating rework before it can run reliably gets old quickly.

An added benefit of doing business in China is the wonderful climate and delightful people! Plus, the labor laws and environmental regulations ensure that human rights are regarded and pollution standards are in place and observed.

Here are some recommended Chinese Moldmakers

GC precision Mould, is a highly developed mold manufacturer China company with many capabilities. They have a working relationship with various companies in the moldmaking areas of China and provide both plastic mold making and plastic molding service.

They produce high quality plastic molds for the automotive, medical, consumer, computer, and telecom industries. You will be able to communicate easily, receive timely progress reports, and can contact them at any time.

Their experience in engineering and their high level of moldmaking ability coupled with their communication set them apart. 

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