Plastic Injection Molding Bosses

Have you ever had an awesome boss while working in anything related to plastic injection molding? Since I have been in this business, which goes back to 1978, I have had quite a few good and some less than good bosses.

One excellent boss I had in a plastic injection molding company was from Switzerland and his name was Karl. Every day he was immaculately dressed and on top of everything that went on in every aspect of the company. It took me a long time to get hired and I knew I was in for a real experience, but I wanted to learn my trade from the best.

The very first day I was standing with the foreman looking over some prints. There was no heat on because it was early spring, so the shop was pretty cool. I had my cold hands in my shop coat pockets when Karl spied me. He marched right over, yanked my hands out from my pockets, and proceeded to slap them, telling me to “never put your hands in your pockets!”

I should have known better, having lived in Northern Europe for a few years, but, hey, it was cold! In the end, we became good friends and I did learn a great deal of craftsmanship from this old schoolmaster.

One of the nicest I had was an elderly man who had the unfortunate bad habit of smoking and drinking coffe all the time. This was back before the days of no smoking in the shop, so his fingers were actually yellow from the smoke. What made him nice was that he was so patient with us apprentices, but what made him almost intolerable was his breath!

He used to come up to each of us every morning to greet us and give us an assignment or check on our work. That is when his kindness became his curse. Because he was only inches away from our face we just had to eventually breathe in his absolutely horrible stench of a breath! More than one guy actually gagged and nearly vomited!

Another boss I had was a Russian who grew up in the German part of Brazil.  He could speak so many languages and seemed to know a million people. He was great because he took the time to explain things without making any of us beginners feel like idiots.

What about you, do you have any stories of a good or bad boss in your plastic injection molding or mold making career?

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