It appears to me that the future of the plastic injection moulding industry is alive and well! I say this only from personal, anecdotal observation, not any actual statistical information.

The friends I have in the industry, which are many, all seem to be saying some very similar things. That is, if you can provide high quality, on-time delivery of value-added products, you should be able to stay busy. In some cases that is quite busy indeed.

Things never seem to stay the same for very long these days, which means that you must be nimble and flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. What used to be the norm can vanish almost overnight and suddenly you are presented with an entirely new playing field. This also makes things rather interesting for the right type of entrepreneurial type.

All in all, I hope this year is the best ever and plan on having a great time on the journey!

Randy Hough writes about plastic injection moulding.