Purchasing strong motorized pallet stackers for the shop

Electric pallet stackers can really make moving things around much simpler. Electric motor driven pallet stackers quickly lift and move pallets. Picking up and moving an empty pallet manually is difficult. When a pallet is loaded moving it manually would be impossible. You really need some kind of motorized help. Using an electric pallet stacker you will be able to lift and move pallets weighing up to a maximum of 1500 kilograms.

The biggest difference between an electric pallet stacker and one that operates manually is how they function. An electro-hydraulic system will be used by both types of pallet stackers for lifting. They also both use a manual relief valve for lowering loads. The difference is that you will need to use physical labor to move a manual pallet stacker from one place to another. Generally speaking, a warehouse worker should be able to use a manual pallet stacker to move around a ton without difficulty. To assumes that the floor of the warehouse is smooth and they do not need to handle more than ten pallets a day,go to Plastic Electrical Enclosures page to know more information.

If your volume is higher than this it may be time to think about buying an electric pallet stacker. Buying an electric pallet stacker has additional advantages. Besides the ease of moving loaded pallets they also have a safety brake or a forward/reverse gear mechanism for improved safety. It will not use fuel like other forms of forklifts. This means it will not have toxic emissions either.

This makes your best choice for indoor areas an electric pallet stacker. While electric pallet stackers will have a higher initial cost you will recoup your investment quickly in fuel savings. If you electric pallet stacker will be needed for multiple shifts consider purchasing additional batteries to allow for charging while you continue to operate the pallet stacker.

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