rapid prototyping technologies

Take advantage of the rapid prototyping technologies that have helped Global develop and launch award-winning products, including mission critical radios, industrial and consumer electronics, and commercial communications solutions. From one-of-a kind appearance and demonstration models, to complex high-density PC boards, to quick-turn injection mold tooling: Motorola Rapid Prototyping Services is one source that can fulfill many of your product development needs.

Time – Our Best-Selling Product

We produce a wide range of proto mold & prototypes, and provide services to an even wider range of customers like molding, contract OEM contract manufacturing service. Our most important product is time. Lead-time remains the key to helping businesses stay agile and remain competitive in today’s stressed economy and changing product markets. Our rapid prototyping capabilities can help your designers and engineers evolve, improve, launch, and cost-reduce your products quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for contract manufacturer China or an OEM quality controller in China to handle your project well, please contact us.

We ship prototypes daily to customers across the country and around the world. Our short lead-times mean that you can spend more time testing and evaluating your product’s performance — and making good decisions — and less time waiting for results.

Payment Options

As an added convenience, our customers can use their corporate VISA, AMEX and MasterCard to pay invoices for their prototyping orders. We also accept blanket purchase orders.

We are not only offer proto mold & prototypes but also be your contract manufacturer China company, we could offer you all in one services from prototype, machining, for plastic or metals, mold & tooling, massive production and post manufacturing services from our local suppliers, including plating, conversion coatings, painting or powder coating.

If you have any project that need prototypes or proto molds, or need a contract manufacturing China partner to handle your project in qualification, you are welcome to our home page,