My appreciation for carbide inserts was dramatically increased recently. You see, I had to do some manual lathe work and needed a special tool bit for my project. As I looked through my box of lathe tool bits I came across a very old one I inherited from my grandfather.

Out of curiosity I set it up and tried to cut the contour in my H-13 core. Hmm.. there was a problem; it wouldn’t even cut the steel! Fortunately, I found the carbide inserts that I was looking for and was soon making all the chips I ever wanted.

Besides the rather slow process I was involved in on the manual lathe, carbide inserts are such an important part of any injection mold making operation that the entire process would simply come to a screeching halt without them.

Carbide inserts are an absolute necessity in any 5-axis milling operation, CNC turning operations, 3 axis milling, and any manual milling or turning. Just try to imagine life without your carbide inserts!

What kind of carbide inserts are the best?

The best carbide inserts are the ones that do the job best for your particular application. One reason there are so many excellent choices is because there are so many different requirements. One shop might specialize in high speed milling, while another needs carbide inserts for hogging off massive amounts of stock. There are many very good companies offering high quality carbide inserts.

Who are some of the leading suppliers for mold making?

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