plastic injection molding

TPE Injection Molding

TPE Injection Molding – Thermoplastic Elastomers Flexible thermoplastic elastomers are molded with plastic injection molding with Rebling for a wide range of applications. The ability of these thermoplastic materials to be processed by conventional plastic injection molding machines and their inherently short cycle times compared to the cure time of thermosetting rubbers has provided engineers […]

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Plastic Injection Molding And Mold Polishing

The business of plastic injection molding is mostly scientific and technical, yet there is this element of undefined experience that can only be termed “black art”.  Mold polishing seems to fall into this category for many engineers and mold techs. If the part has blemishes of one sort or another, or is sticking in the

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Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Lately, I have noticed a trend in which companies gradually reduce their plastic injection molding machine supplier base to just one company. This makes a lot of sense, in many ways, yet it also is limiting in other ways. Sure you can get great discounts by buying several machines from the same supplier, such as

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Tip For Better Plastic Injection Molding

A small, but very effective tip for easier plastic injection molding set up is to standardize the clamping slots on the top and bottom plates of all mold bases. This little trick might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many custom molders have every size imaginable in their mold base inventory. With this method

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Plastic Injection Molding Bosses

Have you ever had an awesome boss while working in anything related to plastic injection molding? Since I have been in this business, which goes back to 1978, I have had quite a few good and some less than good bosses. One excellent boss I had in a plastic injection molding company was from Switzerland and

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