Plastic Mold Company

SICNERE TECH is a plastic mold company in China, established in 2005, which is mainly focusing on plastic injection mold making and injection molded products making service. Also, we can provide design, rapid prototyping, assembly and other related service. We have more than ten years of experience in injection mold making and injection molding, and our plastic injection molded products are widely used in auto accessories, electronics, household appliances, medical devices, game players, and computer displays fields. As with high quality and low price, our injection molds and injection molded plastic products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark and Russia. And, with these best services, our company has gained a high evaluation. Welcome all old and new clients to our company for inspecting.

Plastic Mold Company

Quality Contral

SICNERE TECH as a golden plastic mold company for injection molds and injection molding in China, is attaching great importance to product quality control. No matter the choosing of material or the transportation of the products, we are always acting according to the ISO 9001:9002. So we have gained the ISO 9001:9002 certificate since 2004. This certificate covers: plastic products design, injection mold design, plastic products prototyping, injection molding and injection molded parts assembly. And as we have a system of quality control, we can easily pass the annual inspection for the ISO certificate and this also make me produce the high quality of the products.


SICNERE TECH is located in Dongguan, Gongdong province, China. There is convenient for transportation as it is close to Shenzhen Airport and sea Port. The factory covers an area of 6000 square meters as equipped with two separated injection molds making workshop and one big injection molding workshop, as well as an assembly workshop and a storage. There are more than 70 workers who mainly have more than 4 years of professional experience in their respective areas of work.

We have equipped with about 25 sets of plastic injection molds making machines, that is why we have two separated injection mold making workshop. Half of these injection molds making machines are imported from Korea and others are bought from Taiwan. We also have more than 40 sets of injection molding machines which are mainly bought from Taiwan. The tonnage is from 50T to 1600T. That is to say, we can produce various sizes of injection molded plastic products.

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Plastic Mold Design Service

There is a new website out there called, which is about Plastic mold design for plastic injection molds. The site discusses how to design gates, how to design runners, how to vent a mold, tips for general injection mould design and much more.

Plastic Mold design

You can find out how to find and pick a mold design company, learn about hot tip mold design and find out where to buy the best injection mold design tutorial anywhere.

Mold design is a highly skilled, specialized profession that is in big demand. Despite the fact that many companies have chosen to outsource their work, many designers are very busy working on high-end proprietary projects.


The plastic injection molding future is looking quite bright for those companies who have survived all the turmoil of the past decade or so. The number of companies who have gone out of business is staggering, yet, for those who remain, the business just keeps on growing.

Even with the huge flow of work going to cheap labor countries more and more products are designed that need plastic molding. Here is a link to learn about plastic injection mold making.