There is a new website out there called, which is about Plastic mold design for plastic injection molds. The site discusses how to design gates, how to design runners, how to vent a mold, tips for general injection mould design and much more.

Plastic Mold design

You can find out how to find and pick a mold design company, learn about hot tip mold design and find out where to buy the best injection mold design tutorial anywhere.

Mold design is a highly skilled, specialized profession that is in big demand. Despite the fact that many companies have chosen to outsource their work, many designers are very busy working on high-end proprietary projects.


The plastic injection molding future is looking quite bright for those companies who have survived all the turmoil of the past decade or so. The number of companies who have gone out of business is staggering, yet, for those who remain, the business just keeps on growing.

Even with the huge flow of work going to cheap labor countries more and more products are designed that need plastic molding. Here is a link to learn about plastic injection mold making.