Injection Mould

Like any profession, terminology for the injection mould, or injection mold (US) industries is unique. Interestingly, the terms don’t vary much from region to region.

This “glossary” should give you a reference for finding out what some of these things mean. When you’re in a meeting you can’t very well be asking what appears to be uninformed questions.

It is arranged in two categories: plastic injection molding and injection moldmaking. Many of the terms apply to both areas, after all you need a mold to do molding an what good is an injection mold without a plastic molder?

Plastic injection moldmaking terms

EDM terms

  • Burning: machining with an EDM machine, the actual operation of removing metal with the electrode. It’s burning because you can see zillions of sparks under the oil when it is machining.

  • Overburn: the distance that the sparks reach when they leave the electrode until they penetrate the steel workpiece. Usually this is from .002 to .015 inch. This is important because it controls much of the accuracy and finish of the detail produced. Can also be called spark gap or overcut.

  • zit: usually a small pit in the steel of a mold. Officially called a DC arc. Zits are bad because they are a flaw in the surface finish and will leave a “tit” on the plastic part.

Injection Mold China

There are many reasons why using an Injection mold china manufacturer, they can help you grow your business.

  • Long tradition of producing high-end products for electronics manufacturers, aero-space companies, automotive suppliers, etc.
  • Decades of industrial growth and stability. Government policies that have enabled the plastics industry to develop in a free-market manner. Plastics injection molds, thermosetting molds, and custom molds of all types have developed to a high level of expertise.
  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the employees. China has a long history or good human rights relations which reflects in its labor laws.
  • Concern for the environment. The industry has cooperated with the government to keep the island clean and relatively unpolluted.
  • Costs are generally one-third less than those of the USA. This means you can receive high quality at reduced prices.

GC precision Mould Co. Ltd. A very versatile plastic mold company with a reputation for high quality. Its client base includes many industry leaders. They specialize in electronics mold, digital mold, home appliance, automotive molds, and consumer products. Strong on design and ultra-precision components. An unusual feature is their thermosetting capabilities to mold such plastics as Bakelite, commonly used in electrical applications. 

Plastic Mold Suppliers

These Plastic Injection molding industry suppliers are the best source for you

This group of mold industry suppliers is specifically made for plastic mold/molding manufacturers. There is just so much information out there, who has time to go through even half of it?

They are divided into two groups, but often the content overlaps. After all, molders need moldmakers and moldmakers need molders. They both need designers and everybody needs the sales department! This selection of mold industry suppliers cover the most relevant topics that come up on a regular basis.

  • Plastic Mold Company
    One of great plastic mold company in China for plastics molds, injection moled parts manufacturers. Very practical and current. Not overly academic and technical. Even moldmakers read it!
  • Injection Moulding 
    Good articles about Injection mould technology and process, materials, etc. Widely circulated and found in probably every molders office I’ve been in.
  • Mold Manufacturers in China
  • One of the high-quality Mold Manufacturer China Company with good quality and price. It is also a great plastic molding service company, which has many high tech mold manufacturing equipment such as mirror EDM machines, CMM, and high-speed CNC machines
  • Automotive Mold
  • A global view on automotive mold and plastic injection molding. can make custom plastic molds from small up to 25 tons. You can learn a lot about the information here.

Packaging Plastics

A quiet revolution is taking place in packaging plastics: the use of biodegradable plastics is growing every day. Consumers are becoming more and more willing to pay a bit extra, and are recycling plastics at an increasing rate.

New product lines are making use of consumer interest to increase sales and help the environment at the same time. The increasing use of organic food also provides an excellent market for bioplastics.

In Europe and Japan, packaging plastic has developed to a much greater extent than in the USA. This is certain to change soon.

How can a molder or moldmaker benefit from this?

In today’s ever changing marketplace, you must be alert and aware of trends and developments. Packaging plastics is changing to be “greener” and this represents an opportunity for profit. At the same time, it truly helps the environment by reducing the use of petroleum based plastics.

Increasingly, consumers are willing to pay extra for biodegradable packaging. By making this part of your marketing strategy, you can be in a position to benefit as this niche market matures.

Several American companies are leading the way in developing bioplastics and it’s applications. DuPont has made a commitment to packaging plastics with it’s Biomax compostable plastic.

Appresins has formed a joint venture with ADM, the agricultural giant, to produce Mirel, a totally biodegradable plastic with a variety of applications.

Algix has joined with Cargill to produce PLA, the polymer used to make corn-based plastic. They have a very informative section on how this process is accomplished.

Blow molding, injection molding, extrusions, and film can benefit

As biopolymers grow in use and are developed to be increasingly flexible in application, the variety of products is constantly expanding.

More and more companies are making products using these compostable plastics with great success. Bottles, cutlery, and fast-food packaging have been some of the mainstays, but this is changing.

The automotive industry is currently making more and more components out of bioplastics. Toyota, Mazda, and other car makers are some of the leaders. The landscape is rapidly changing for the use of bioplastics, many predict it to be one of the fastest growing industries in the near future.

Biodegradable Plastics

Plastic Molding is entering a new era: Biodegradable Plastics

As the awareness of climate change increases, the use of biodegradable plastics should rise, dramatically. In Europe and Japan research and development are already progressing quickly.

There are several US companies who produce biodegradable plastic. They are Natureworks LLC, Metabolix, and Teinnovations. All of these companies are in the forefront of developing injection molding grade plastic. DuPont also has two corn based plastics on the market already: Sorona and Hytrel.

Companies with an eye to future trends, as well as those who are concerned about the environment, are beginning to take biodegradable plastics very seriously.

What does this mean for a custom molder or moldmaker?
As society awakens to the need for earth-friendly manufacturing, the demand for biodegradable plastics will only increase. Those plastics manufacturers who are “in the know” will have a distinct competitive advantage.

Climate change, greenhouse gases, global warming, the closing of landfills, sustainable development, these are just a few of the reasons plastics manufacturers are looking to “green plastics” for solutions.

Plastic molding companies in Europe and Asia have embraced this emerging technology in order to compete and comply with regulations , as well as help the natural environment. The short-term advantage of “business as usual” in the US is gradually changing into a more socially responsible approach.

Companies that have positioned themselves for the possible coming age of “green plastics” will be in a great position to profit. Time spent learning about bio-plastics and the potential can be a very smart move.

Professionals in the plastics industry have a lot to deal with. It is usually either feast of famine and difficult to manage such a business. A great resource for making the most of every day is the course mentioned below:

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Presently biopolymers can still be considered a niche market, especially in the US. It is only a matter of time before American legislation makes way for increased use of biopolymers.

Biopolymers is booming in Europe, where official policy is more conducive to environmental issues. The expected global capacity growth is predicted to almost double by the year 2010.

This represents a huge emerging market for injection molded products using biopolymers. Already, there are many applications gaining momentum, such as packaging, bottles, caps, food containers, catering items such as cutlery, and so on.

Numerous companies are competing to develop improved characteristics such as flow and melt temperatures. These innovations will increase exponentially in the near future, if recent trends continue.

Global Market

The global Plastic Mold market offers many new opportunities, find out how to make sound decisions

New strategies are required to win in the global market. You can learn innovative methods of gaining new business and developing new products. Here are some of the successful plans global companies are using that really work.

By utilizing these ideas, as they fit your unique needs, you can develop a strategy to not only survive in today’s extremely competitive international market, but thrive.

Those companies that are flexible and willing to adapt, often discover that entering into the global market reveals new opportunities for growth and profit. Global technology is a reality that can be used to your advantage.

Combine domestic and global technology to win contracts

Very often, plastic injection molding contracts are presented as a “package.” This can vary in it’s size and structure, but for our purposes, let’s use the following example:

Your molding or moldmaking company has an opportunity to bid on a new product that requires the building of eight plastic injection molds. You already know that other companies are bidding on the job, and they use offshore outsourcing to lower their costs.

Because you have wisely found several reliable, high quality offshore sources for injection molds, you are able to combine your resources to effectively quote the job. You can win in the global market by being flexible and using proven strategies.

Finding such an offshore source can be time-consuming and expensive, if you take it up on your own. The companies listed on this site are all known for their integrity, high-quality and pricing. 

Study the chart below to see a real-life example of how this can work. The first column is the domestic price. It is almost certain that you will not win the contract by quoting exclusively domestic prices. The global competition is just too great.

DomesticOffshore (-35%)Combination
140,00091,000112,000 Joint
180,000117,000144,000 Joint

The second is an offshore price. The offshore is discounted by 35%, a very realistic amount that ensures a high level of quality. Some Asian companies can discount the cost by 50% or more, but generally the risk is much higher. Most companies are reluctant to have everything made offshore, for good reason.

The third column is a combination of domestic and offshore pricing. This is the strategy that has worked for several companies to win in the global market.

Here is how it has worked for some companies

Because the two lowest cost molds are also the least complicated, the decision was made to go offshore with molds 1 and 2.

Molds 3 and 4 are kept “in-house” for proprietary reasons, and to keep things running smoothly at home.

Mold 5 is chosen to go offshore because it has many features that are connected to the first two molds.

Mold 6 is a joint venture with the offshore moldmaker. They make the portion of the cores and cavities that they already specialize in, and you make rest domestically. This resulted in an average savings of 20%.

Mold 7 was made offshore because it also fit their specialty.

Mold 8 was a joint venture similar to mold 6, with an approximate 20% savings.

What was the result?

By using this strategy, the job was won. Because there was a good relationship between the offshore source and the domestic company, communication was not a big problem. The savings were around 23.5%, the quality was excellent and the customer was happy.

As a bonus, new connections were made, the working relationship was strengthened and other companies took notice of this streamlined process and are interested in placing orders. The global market has many companies seeking partners and joint ventures.

None of this would have happened if the company had chosen to put blinders on and attempt to be protectionist and refuse to change. The global market offers endless challenges, but also new opportunities.

Injection Molds

How can American injection moldmakers compete and win?

Every day it seems that the world of plastic injection molding is getting smaller. Nearly everything you pick up has been partially or entirely manufactured in a variety of foreign countries.

At the same time, US companies have undergone a huge shift in their approach to injection molding and moldmaking. A persistent, but untrue rumor says that American companies cannot compete internationally.

American plastic injection molding companies can compete and win!

While it may be true that no American plastic injection molding companies can compete for the with the rock-bottom wages paid to workers in the developing world, on many other levels, American manufacturers are prospering. There are many North American plastic injection molding/moldmaking companies who have embraced the future very successfully. Their approach may vary, but the common theme is technology and lean manufacturing.

One successful method is to make use of the lower labor costs in developing countries, while maintaining control stateside. These manufacturers control the design and complex manufacturing and employ the skilled workforce abroad for other operations. A common tactic is to specialize in an area not yet threatened by foreign companies. Highly complex parts, medical parts, proprietary parts, or otherwise specialized parts are all good candidates.

One thing is for sure, the need for flexibility has never been greater. Those who refuse to change run a very real risk of simply losing market share and watching their business disappear.

Many shop owners have benefited from the flexibility of using software to manage their contacts. Sticky note, scratch pads, fly-away papers just don’t cut it! Managing your contacts can have a huge impact on your business. Here is a great resource, it might just be the best. I’ve used it for many years.

ACT! by Sage 2007. The #1 best-selling contact manager.

Here is a proven technique that has been quite successful

The fact is that global competition is here to stay. It is pointless to try and remain isolated and protectionist. Technology and communication just won’t stand still for anyone. Companies that embrace the new marketplace and work with it, rather than against it, often discover that new opportunities present themselves; and hopefully, the profits will follow!

Find out what some companies are doing, and doing well.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing for plastic moldmaking and plastic injection molding turned out to be one of the best decisions

Offshore outsourcing was probably the last thing my friend would have ever thought about doing. Then, his number one client began suggesting that they start searching for an offshore outsourcing company.

Eventually, the client demanded that my friend find outsourcing companies or he would lose the account. Thus began the decision-making process that had a very good outcome.

Like many companies, his was facing competition on a global scale. Once he overcame his fears, he could rationally analyze the problem. To his surprise, he realized that he could not only survive, but prosper.

It takes a paradigm shift in thinking to grasp and accept what is happening in industry today. Offshore outsourcing is a reality that is here to stay.

What offshore outsourcing can do for you

  • Enables you to focus on your expertise
  • Enables you to better anticipate future costs
  • Enables you to find skilled help
  • Expand into new markets

Educate yourself to in order to make good decisions

There is little room for error in the plastics industry. Time spent educating yourself is time well spent. Here are some highly recommended books to learn about global marketing.

Why is it so hard to find good help?

It used to be fairly easy to make a good living in the plastic injection molding business. All you needed was some know-how, a lot of determination, and a garage to get started in.

Those who were good at it grew into real companies with payrolls, employees and and endless stream of work. Plastic injection molding was new and hot. Just ask the Graduate.

My, how things have changed. Nearly everything manufactured has an offshore supplier in at least part of the process. At first the quality was laughable, but not any more.

With the immediate transfer of information via the internet, any technology that you have will be acquired by somebody else across the planet. The same machinery, tools, knowledge, and skills are available to anyone, anywhere.

Some countries, such as Singapore, have very well-developed apprenticeship programs to train new moldmakers and molders. Instead of learning on out-dated WWII vintage equipment, they have up-to-date CNC EDMs, WEDMs, electric molding machines, high-end controllers,etc.

Not every school system sends the “non-academic” kids to vocational school. In Germany, for example, toolmakers are regarded with respect. Their system trains young people to excel through a very demanding program. The European immigrants who came to the USA with their metalworking skills felt fortunate to be in the land of opportunity. They helped build up the plastics industry to what it is today.

Those same men who went from toolmaker to injection molder to successful businessmen are now fading out of the picture. In the last decade, hundreds of plastic molding companies have gone out of business for one reason or another.

With the emergence of first Japan, and now China, as the new focus of the outsourcing of injection molding, European and American companies are facing a new playing field.

Plastic Injection

Plastic injection molding is a fast-paced business with ever-changing requirements. Yesterday’s solution might not work tomorrow or even today!

You will find the plastic injection molding information you need in the listing below. Each category will take you to numerous sources of molding information.

Global competition is here to stay, make sure you are on top

Global outsourcing Your source for high-quality plastic injection molding suppliers. All the companies are known for their integrity, emphasis on quality and reliable delivery. There are always cheaper sources, but they are much more expensive in the long run. 

Plastic materials Your source for suppliers of all the plastics you need. Find the type of plastic you need and a reliable supplier.