How can American injection moldmakers compete and win?

Every day it seems that the world of plastic injection molding is getting smaller. Nearly everything you pick up has been partially or entirely manufactured in a variety of foreign countries.

At the same time, US companies have undergone a huge shift in their approach to injection molding and moldmaking. A persistent, but untrue rumor says that American companies cannot compete internationally.

American plastic injection molding companies can compete and win!

While it may be true that no American plastic injection molding companies can compete for the with the rock-bottom wages paid to workers in the developing world, on many other levels, American manufacturers are prospering. There are many North American plastic injection molding/moldmaking companies who have embraced the future very successfully. Their approach may vary, but the common theme is technology and lean manufacturing.

One successful method is to make use of the lower labor costs in developing countries, while maintaining control stateside. These manufacturers control the design and complex manufacturing and employ the skilled workforce abroad for other operations. A common tactic is to specialize in an area not yet threatened by foreign companies. Highly complex parts, medical parts, proprietary parts, or otherwise specialized parts are all good candidates.

One thing is for sure, the need for flexibility has never been greater. Those who refuse to change run a very real risk of simply losing market share and watching their business disappear.

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The fact is that global competition is here to stay. It is pointless to try and remain isolated and protectionist. Technology and communication just won’t stand still for anyone. Companies that embrace the new marketplace and work with it, rather than against it, often discover that new opportunities present themselves; and hopefully, the profits will follow!

Find out what some companies are doing, and doing well.