Many times I have heard salesmen proclaim that the grinding department is obsolete because of Wire EDM. This is always maddening to hear, especially when there are numerous highly skilled mold makers grinding away on parting lines, injection mold components, core pins and the like.

I look around at everyone and imagine we are dinosaurs in the process of dying. While it is true that WEDM has replaced much of the need for precision surface grinding, it is a great misconception to suppose that this skill is dead or dying!

How else are all the precision surfaces going to be machined? Maybe some clever guy will invent something we are totally unaware of, but in the meantime, give the toolmaker who has spent many years honing his skill some credit!

Imagine if somebody walked by the sales office and declared that these guys are basically useless now that the internet has taken such an important role! Why is it that white-collar workers are so condescending to blue collar workers?
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