These Plastic Injection molding industry suppliers are the best source for you

This group of mold industry suppliers is specifically made for plastic mold/molding manufacturers. There is just so much information out there, who has time to go through even half of it?

They are divided into two groups, but often the content overlaps. After all, molders need moldmakers and moldmakers need molders. They both need designers and everybody needs the sales department! This selection of mold industry suppliers cover the most relevant topics that come up on a regular basis.

  • Plastic Mold Company
    One of great plastic mold company in China for plastics molds, injection moled parts manufacturers. Very practical and current. Not overly academic and technical. Even moldmakers read it!
  • Injection Moulding 
    Good articles about Injection mould technology and process, materials, etc. Widely circulated and found in probably every molders office I’ve been in.
  • Mold Manufacturers in China
  • One of the high-quality Mold Manufacturer China Company with good quality and price. It is also a great plastic molding service company, which has many high tech mold manufacturing equipment such as mirror EDM machines, CMM, and high-speed CNC machines
  • Automotive Mold
  • A global view on automotive mold and plastic injection molding. can make custom plastic molds from small up to 25 tons. You can learn a lot about the information here.