Very often, when somebody is trying to understand how the plastic injection molding process works, they are referred to a detailed explanation of the mechanics of an injection mold and molding machine. the property of each plastic material, and all of this information to get the injection molding cost. This is an interesting and fascinating topic, to be sure, but there is another aspect of this process that needs to be addressed.

Most people probably never really consider just how all the plastic products they use each and every day are manufactured. This is understandable because few people have had an insider’s look at a mold making or molding facility.

Just consider for a moment how many professions are involved in creating a cell phone, for example. First, somebody had to come up with the idea, then he had to find somebody to analyze the feasibility of pursuing the idea.

Marketing experts, industrial designers, artists, prototype mold makers, plastics engineers, molding technicians, injection mold makers, mold designers, and process engineers are just some of the professionals that could be involved.

This does not include the electrical engineers, all the countless people involved in the electronic functions, the apps engineers, the commercial artists, and the quality engineers required to bring such a commonplace item to market.

On top of this, consider for a moment that this is done on a global scale. Parts are made anywhere these days, designs can be done in India and sent electronically to California, the mold built in the Czech Republic, molding done in Romania, and the marketing done in New Jersey.

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